Run Fit 4 You


IMG-20140414-WA0000Sharron Rooney is a London-based coach that trains individuals and groups to running success. She has run 13 marathons, including London, New York, Chicago, Berlin and Edinburgh, as well as over 50 half-marathons and numerous shorter distance races.

Sharron is the Event Director of the weekly Walthamstow parkrun (5km), a Run Fit Instructor at Jubilee Park in Leyton, specialising in run fitness for beginners, and an Athlete Fit Instructor (circuits) at the same venue. She is also the founder and running leader of the weekly Waltham Forest Ladies’ Running Group.

She has qualifications in  Leadership in Running Fitness and Coaching in Running Fitness, both run by England Athletics.

She is available to train individuals and groups of all ages, especially women looking to get fit, lose weight and have fun! Sharron is a great believer that running can be enjoyed by everyone – she is a coach for real people with busy family and social lives. So even if you have not run a step for years Sharron will guide you gently and expertly towards your goals.

Please use the form below to contact Sharron and discuss how she can get you running fit!

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